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 Easy way to Edit patches on Ps3

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PostSubject: Easy way to Edit patches on Ps3   Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:04 am

i've seen loads of people wanting to edit their own patch (including me) and i found a really easy solution on how to do it.


Edit any patch with ease for PS3 [n00b friendly]

1. Find yourself a patch which you think will fit you the most. Also be aware if the patch you want to edit is an xbox or ps3 version.

2. Now download BuC-ShoTz MW2 Patch Converter and unpack it. ?atm2nxwygglec3g

3. The first thing you wanna do is change the region of your patch to the one you wish to be.

Open up the patch converter tool, select your patch and click on the desired bles/blus button, and close the program.
Your patch with a name like 'blus/blesXXXXX_patch_mp.ff' , now with correct region, will be created in the folder where the Patch Converter is.

4. If you got a xbox patch, than skip this step. Otherwise if you have a ps3 patch do the following.

Open up the Patch Converter again, load up your recently changed patch and click the 'ps3 to xbox' button, and close program. A new patch with name 'ps3-to-xbox-patch_mp.ff' will be made in again the same folder.

5. You should now have a xbox patch which is ready to edit.
For this you will need to download FFViewer.

Unpack the folder and start up FFViewer. Now open your xbox patch in FFViewer. You'll see a list of .gsc files which you can now edit to your liking.

In order to edit an patch you'll have to edit each .gsc file separately. This means you edit one .gsc file and click the save button. An error will come but this is nothing to worry about. And load up your patch again and this time edit an other .gsc file.

If you are done editing , go to the next step.

6. Now we have an edited xbox patch and we want to convert it back to a ps3 patch.

Open up the Patch Converter one last time. Select your patch and this time click the 'xbox to ps3' button.

And voila, now you should have a ps3 patch which is edited and named 'xbox-to-ps3-patch_mp.ff '.

7. Change its name to patch_mp.ff and you are ready to put it on your ps3


NOTE: If you have problems changing back from xbox to ps3 with BuC-ShoTz Patch converter, you might wanna use EliteMossy's Converter.

Credits to BucN & EliteMossy for their wonderfull tools!
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Easy way to Edit patches on Ps3
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