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 New Update! Wanna Know What Got Patched? Check Here! [1/24/2012]

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PostSubject: New Update! Wanna Know What Got Patched? Check Here! [1/24/2012]   Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:53 am

As you all now know, Activision came out with an update as of 1.24.12

1)Positive/Negative Prestige Token Glitch

2)Early Prestige Glitch (Level 55+)

3)Some "Mods" In Solo/Survival

--There Are More But I Am Not Aware Of Then At The Moment--

1) If You Did The Negative Prestige Token Glitch We Have Disabled You From Buying Anything From The 'Prestige Shop' Until You Go Positive.

2) Okay, Say If You Went To A Pop Up Screen...Then Had A 'Friend' Switch Lobbies And The Pop Up Screen Still Be There, Well It Won't Be Now.

3) Also, You Can NOT See Enemy Stealth Bombers On The UAV With Color Blind!


Thank You for confirming that this is a legit topic. I have tried some other things and have found to be patched or updated.

1) Now If You Are Playing Online Split Screen And Have More Than 5 Custom Classes You May Choose Them. (When In Online Split Screen You Used To Be Only Allowed The Top 5 Classes Now It's 5+)

2) I Was Boosting And While I Was Boosting I Had An Odd "Host Migration" During This Host Migration We Were All Kicked And Got A Message "Could Not Migrate Host". We Tried Different People As Being Host But It Would Do The Random 'Host Migration'.
NOTE: Yes, You Can Still Boost! Just In Some Games If You Get A Random Host Migration It Will Most Likely Choose New Host Of Kick All Players.

3) I Have Boosted My Way From 7-10th Today, Then I Went To Buy The 'Veteran Package' From The Prestige Shop, (I Have [-]Negative Prestige Tokens) I Went To Buy It And It Was Dis-abled.
NOTE: Yes, I Stated Before About The Shop Being Disabled To Negative Prestige Token Users. I Just Wanted To Confirm That No Even If You Do Prestige And Unlock A New 'Package' You Can NOT Buy It.

P.S: No, If You Have Negative Prestige Tokens You Will Not Be Allowed To Buy From The Shop. Ever Again, This Is Our Punishment For Abusing This Glitch. [Unless: Someone Finds Away Past This OR They Decide To Allow Us To Buy From The Shop Again.]


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Sinner Envy
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PostSubject: Re: New Update! Wanna Know What Got Patched? Check Here! [1/24/2012]   Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:45 am

Awesome post Deane , thanks for the news !!! this i can see will answer all the little kids 24/7 questions about that title update.keep up the good work<3


I Love Amber So Much & Ted but no Homo lol!

Youtube = CLICK HERE

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Freqent Trix
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Senior Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: New Update! Wanna Know What Got Patched? Check Here! [1/24/2012]   Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:12 am

Very nice post Deane, i am aware of the patched shit now, which leaves me not questioning... the one thing that is gay, is last week i was playing Split Screen and i couldnt pick my 6-10 classes, and my MSR was slot 7 - L1 was slot 6 - lol , i only had 2 classes, i was doing a sniper only prestiege, so it was kinda gay...

I Love Sinner Envy
Also Sinner Envy Runz xbl Bxtch.
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PostSubject: Re: New Update! Wanna Know What Got Patched? Check Here! [1/24/2012]   

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New Update! Wanna Know What Got Patched? Check Here! [1/24/2012]
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