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 cod 5 modding

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PostSubject: cod 5 modding   Wed Sep 21, 2011 11:04 am

seeing in how there's so many requests for things, and people going nuts trying to find/get saves/point mods etc. I'm hopeing this will stop a lot of the spam going on the forums. Well at least this section. Enjoy.

Every single map has the following features.
1) Health HIGHLY Increased *
2) Unlimited Ammo
3) Infinite Breath
4) Super Melee (Melee from very far away)
5) Infinite Swim time (Just incase you fall under the map!)
6) Glide sprint
7) Unlimited sprint
Cool Player speed: 330
9) Sprint speed: 1.5
10) Jump height: 999
11) Gravity is set to 80
12) Hide stance
14) Laser Dot Sight
15) Triple Tap **
16) Non-Moveable Random Box ***
17) Score mod Very Happy ****
Also Included:
In every map folder you find, you'll find a sub-directory that includes Insta kill on for 15-25 times longer then normal, and Super Waff, which hits up to 5,000 zombies at once. It also reachs zombies from much furthor distances.

1) Health is VERY high, seeing in the only way you can have infinite is if you're in godmode. Don't worry, you'll take about 500,000 Hits!

2) Once you buy double tap, you could shoot about 750 Times faster. MAKE SURE: That you don't try this with a Kar/trench gun, because they never stop shooting once you press R ONCE. Unless of course you trade them in, and/or switch guns.

3) Obviously the box doesn't move in Nacht Der Untoten, so this works only for the last 3 maps

4) Each Hit/Kill/Headshot/Knife is worth 16 Million points, but if you aim (Hold L) with any gun, with or without a scope, you get 20 million points per hit/kill/headshot.

Well, you should know how to use a transfer cable/xport360 by now, so rehash/resign with YOUR ID'S OR IT WONT WORK. Then just hit Solo -> Resume

1) Nacht der Untoten
2) Verruckt
3) Shi No Numa
4) Der Riese
5) Call of duty tool (Works for 4,5,6) HYPG71NK


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cod 5 modding
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