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 Rules and FAQ: Modern Warfare 2 Section

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PostSubject: Rules and FAQ: Modern Warfare 2 Section   Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:17 pm


It is mandatory that you follow ALL of the guidelines and rules listed below as well the board rules.

• Do not post threads stating that you are hosting a modded lobby or that you want someone to host you a modded lobby here. The designated section for free modded lobbies is here. Currently there is no method of hosting online modded lobbies.
• Do not post any Modern Warfare 2 videos here. There is now a Modern Warfare 2 Videos section for all of the montages, secrets, hiding spots etc that you wish to share with the community.
• Do not advertise other websites.
• Do not buy, sell or trade any accounts here.
• If you are going to post a news article about Modern Warfare 2, please include your source. Simply adding the URL would be sufficient.
• Do not post "Fake Lobbys" here or in any of the sub-forums of Modern Warfare 2.

Failure to follow any of these rules could result in an infraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want a capture card but I don't know which one is the best.
A: You have lots of choices to choose from but the most known choices are

Dazzle DVC100 - $49.99
Dazzle DVC150 - $69.99
HD PVR Hauppauge - $199.99
Black Magic Intensity Pro - $199.99
Elgato HD PVR - $199.99

Q: I want a cool gaming headset but I don't know which one.
A: There a few to choose from, but if you don't want to spend a lot of money, your best bet is Turtle Beach X1s ($59.95 but can probably find cheaper by searching around or buying a refurbished one from their website). They also carry Turtle Beach X31s which is the next cheapest headset, but this one is also wireless in case you don't want a lot of cords. Turtlebeach then carries the X41s with 7.1 dolby surround sound ($199.95) but these can be said (by opinion) to be on par with Astro headsets. Astros sell a headset for $199.95 which is just the A40s. But if you do go with astros, you should definitely buy the mixer amp combo. Another manufacturer that has been said to produce great headsets is Tritton, but you would need to do some research and read reviews on those. They haven't been said to been better than turtlebeaches or astros, but they are a great alternative.

Q: Does anyone want to boos...
A: NO, this is the discussion section. Go here for Boosting.
Q: But does anyone want to play some team deathma....
A: NO, this is the discussion section. Go here for Matches.

Q: Has anyone been able to get into modded lobby?
A: NO, this is the discussion section. If you get into it, you get into it.

Q: Did anyone ever see this glitch before?
A: NO, this is the discussion section. Go here for glitches. Or if you have your own glitch to submit.

Q: Is this coding/mod correct?
A: This is the discussion forum, ask in MW2 Modding Support.

Q: Does anyone want to start up a clan?
A: No, there's an official thread for that... Found here!

Q: Do you need a livestreamer/ I can't find a livestreamer!
A: There is an official thread for a reason, don't make threads about it outside of the pinned Topic !


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Rules and FAQ: Modern Warfare 2 Section
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